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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  Wash and dry the mixer bowl and spatula.  Reattach the bowl to the mixer.  Add the icing and coloring to the bowl.  (We recommend you practice with small quantities of icing until you get used to how the mixer works.  Turn on the mixer to the "low" setting.  As soon as the mixer starts, press the icing in the bowl against the inside of the mixer bowl using the enclosed spatula.  When the icing starts rising up the edge of the mixer bowl, start pressing the icing back down the wall of the bowl.  Be sure to watch the icing in the bowl carefully so that it doesn't rise above the rim of the bowl, as the icing above the edge of the bowl will fly out of the bowl.  It takes about one session to get the hang of using the mixer.  Keep a wet paper towel handy to wipe the top edge of the bowl, so that icing does not accumulate on the top edge.  I keep my leg thumb on the top edge of the bowl, using it to wipe the edge clean while the mixer is running so the droplets on the top edge don't fly out.  Stop the mixer periodically to check the consistency.  Add water and continue mixing until the desired consistency is achieved.  Use the spatula to remove icing from the bowl and put it in an icing bag.  If you have similar colors, you can start with the lightest color, empty the bowl and continue mixing the next darker color without washing out the bowl between colors.  This works if, for example, you are using white, yellow, orange, red (or similar colors.  If your colors are drastically different from each other, it's best to wash out the bowl.  You can also use a wet paper towel inside the bowl to clean out excess icing and continue with the next color.  The bowl is removed from the mixer by twisting and lifting the bowl.  (There is a notch that the bowl fits in, then twists into place).

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