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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policies

Orders are shipped in the order received.  Our in-house processing time is stated on the front page of the website in the flash bar near the top.  We do our best to meet the stated in-house processing time.  **Please keep in mind that the time in transit with the shipping carrier is IN ADDITION to the "in-house" processing time.  If you place a second order, and desire to have the second order shipped with the first order, it will delay the processing of the order, and the order will ship at the time the second order would have shipped. 

We ship via USPS Priority Mail, and the shipments are automatically insured up to $100.00.  Shipping days stated by USPS are not guaranteed.  If your order total exceeds $100.00, you may need to purchase additional insurance, depending on the order total.  When an order ships, you will receive an email with the tracking number.  Once we ship a box with USPS it is no longer under our control. If tracking shows that the box has been delivered and you did not receive it, please contact your local post office immediately with your tracking number.  The post office can check with the local carrier to see where they left it, i.e. "by the front door", "by the gate", etc.  If you receive a damaged order, take it to the post office immediately and file a claim.  

International Shipping:  
We are not set up for shipping internationally at this time, but will be adding that option soon.

We don't accept returns, exchanges or order cancellations.  Please contact us via email if you have a problem with an order.  (Do not direct message us through social media regarding order questions, we may miss it). If a shipment arrives damaged, please contact your local post office immediately.  Please contact us with any order problems or discrepancies within 3 days of receipt of the order.  Products damaged in shipping will be replaced, we will need a photo of the box and the damaged merchandise.

Why are your cutters white?
I didn't want them to clash with the packaging, ha!  As an artist, I know that if they were colored, I'd get tired of that color quickly and want to use a different color.... which causes all sorts of problems.  This way they don't clash with the packaging and at the trade shows, they will all be uniform in their pretty packaging.  Lol.

Why don't your cutters have "stepped" edges like other companies?
Our cutters are finely crafted with rounded handles for comfort, and are reinforced with extra thickness at the base.  They are FULLY TAPERED in one smooth profile up the entire edge of the cutter, which results in a sturdier cutter.  They smoothly taper down to a fine edge for a precise, clean cut.  They are 3d printed with food safe PLA (using stainless steel nozzles) for food safety.  On our plaque cutters that have sharp points, we have added an extra "circle" on the points on the base so they don't hurt your hands when cutting dough with them.  These extra "circles" do not show up on the cutting edge, they are just on the base where it contacts your hand.

Cutter Sizes
We are working on additional sizes for most of the cutters on the site, and will be adding those as they are completed.  If you have a particular cutter you are wishing for in a different size, please drop us an email with those suggestions, and we'll factor in your requests as we are working on the additional sizes.  When we add additional sizes, they will show up under the cutter options as "Small, Medium, Large, Etc.".  Thank you so much for your patience!